Hydrological Measurements – Additional Books

Course subject(s) 01. Introduction 02. Stage Discharge 03. Soil Hydrology 04. Discharge structures, Dillution 05. Measuring Evaporation 06. Modelling 07. Isothopes and Hydrographic Separation

Additional books

During the lecture on Tracer Hydrology given by professor Stefan Uhlenbrook some additional books are mentioned which thoroughly discuss the topic.

  • Tracing techniques in geohydrology by W. Kaess. ISBN: 9054104449
  • Isotope Tracers in Catchment Hydrology by C. Kendall and J. J. McDonnell. ISBN: 9780444501554
  • Isotopes in the water cycle by P.K. Aggarwal, J.R. Gat and K.F.P. Foehlich. ISBN: 9781402030109
  • Environmental isotopes in hydrology by I.D. Clark and P. Fritz. ISBN: 1566702496

These books can either be found in the library of an university or they can be bought on the Internet.

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