1. Introduction to Flight

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Course subject(s) 1. introduction Modules 4. Thrust

The lectures of AE1101 use the book ” Introduction to Flight”  by John Anderson, but do not completely follow the book to the letter. Most topics are supported, but not always completely covered by the following parts of the book. Some differences between the book and the exam material:

  • balloon lift is not covered by Anderson, use the hand-out
  • we use ICAO standard atmosphere definition from slides & hand-out, not a US 1959 US std atmosphere
  •  longitudinal static stability, more complex derivation and coordinates is used in Anderson
  • structures & materials, different topics, use hand-out.
  • propulsion; less complex than in Anderson, different topics, more on power

With these remarks in mind, you need to study the following parts of the book:

2.1-2.3; 2.6
5.1-5.5; 5.11 up to page 349, (page 313  for 6th ed); 5.12-5.14; 5.17
6.1; 6.6.1; 6.6.2; 6.17
7.1-7.5; 7.6-7.11; 7.6-7.11 only as background
9.1; 9.4; Problems 9.14, 9.15
10.2 6th edition, rest of Chapter 10 just for reading

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