Legal Aspects of MAS Design – Readings

Course subject(s) 01. Institutional Law I 02. Institutional Law II 03. Internal market and free movement of goods 04. Free movement of Persons, Services and Capital 05. Contact lenses and coffee shops 06. Health services 07. State Aid Law 08. Nature Conservation 09. Public Procurement 10. Sustainable coffee and local rail transport 11. Environmental Law I: Principles and EIA 12. Environmental Law II: Habitat and air quality 13. Regional Airports 14. Westerschelde 15. The European Sovereign Debt Crisis 16. Analysis of the judgement 17. Exam training

For this course a book and a reader are used:

  • J. Steiner and L. Woods, EU Law, 11th edition (2012)¬†ISBN 9780199641857
  • Reader: download from link below

Not all chapters of the book are exam material.
Only the chapters and paragraphs indicated in the Detailed Information on the lectures have to be studied.

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