Mechatronic System Design – Readings

Course subject(s) 1. & 2. Introduction and Signals 3. Electromagnetic Actuators 4. Dynamics of Motion Systems 5. Motion Control 6. Power Electronics

The book that is used for this course is: “The design of high performance mechatronics” and it is used throughout three interconnected courses. Physics for mechanical Engineers (ME1611), Measurement in Engineering (WB2303) and Mechatronic System design (WB2414).

It is highly recommended to buy this book as it will proof to be useful also later in the career of any engineer.


The following chapters/sections from the book are to be mastered for this course:

  • Chapter 2, Electricity and frequency: All
  • Chapter 3, Dynamics: All
  • Chapter 4, Motion Control: Up to and incl. full section 4.3
  • Chapter 5, Electromechanic actuators: Only basic understanding of two electromagnetic actuator types (Lorentz, Reluctance, incl hybrid)
  • Chapter 6, Electronics: Basic understanding of operational amplifiers, linear and switched mode power amplifiers.


Since the book is in its second edition there are still a few mistakes present in the book. These mistakes are pointed out in the errata. The erreta can be found at the website

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