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Course subject(s) Module 5. Robot Vision

Module 5 Contents

You can find the files for module 5 on this zip file: (~1,7 MB).

Important Note: A new version of the hrwros_gazebo package is included in the module 5 downloads.
Please overwrite the ones you had received in previous weeks with this updated version.

As always, if you want to retain any changes you made, make sure to back them up properly

Extract the contents of the zip file to your $HOME/hrwros_ws/src/. If it warns you folders and files will be overwritten, select Replace All.

After the above step, your folder structure under $HOME/hrwros_ws/src should look like this:

  • hrwros
    • hrwros_week1
    • hrwros_msgs
  • hrwros_support
  • hrwros_gazebo
  • hrwros_week2
  • hrwros_week3
  • hrwros_week4
  • hrwros_week5
  • week4_moveit_config
  • hrwros_moveit_config (This package was created by you)

To complete the installation, run the following commands in a new CCS:

source /opt/ros/melodic/setup.bash
cd $HOME/hrwros_ws
catkin clean -y
catkin b
source $HOME/hrwros_ws/devel/setup.bash

After this steps you will be ready to work on Module 5!

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