Reading 5: Thin-film silicon solar cells

Course subject(s) 6. Crystalline Si Photovoltaics

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7.1 Introduction

7.2 Overview of thin-film silicon solar cell technology development

7.2.1 1970-ies
7.2.2 1980-ies
7.2.3 1990-ies

7.3 Hydrogenated amorphous silicon

7.3.1 Atomic structure
7.3.2 Density of energy states
7.3.3 Optical properties
7.3.4 Electrical properties
7.3.5 Doping of a-Si:H

7.4 Hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon

7.5 Deposition of thin-film silicon

7.5.1 Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition
7.5.2 High deposition rate techniques

7.6 Thin-film silicon solar cells

7.6.1 Comparison of c-Si and a-Si:H solar cells
7.6.2 Single junction a-Si:H solar cell
7.6.3 Degradation of a-Si:H solar cells
7.6.4 Multi-junction a-Si:H solar cells

7.7 Fabrication of thin-film silicon PV modules

7.7.1 Thin-film silicon PV modules
7.7.2 PECVD deposition systems

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