Reading 6: Photovoltaic Systems

Course subject(s) 7. Design of a PV System

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9.1 Components of a PV system

9.2 PV modules

9.3 Balance of system

9.3.1 Mounting structures
9.3.2 Energy storage
9.3.3 Charge regulators
9.3.4 Inverters

9.4 Load

9.5 Types of PV systems

9.5.1 Stand-alone systems
9.5.2 Grid-connected systems
9.5.3 Hybrid systems

9.6 PV system design

9.6.1 Sizing of PV system
9.6.1 PV system design guide

– Determine the total load current and operational time
– Add system losses
– Determine the solar irradiation in daily equivalent sun hours (EHS)
– Determine total solar array current requirements
– Determine optimum module arrangement for solar array
– Determine battery size for recommended reserve time

9.7 Economics

9.7.1 PV system cost
9.7.2 PV electricity cost

9.8 PV systems installation and operation

9.8.1 Installation
9.8.2 Operation

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