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Name E-mail I. Nikolic
Name E-mail I. Bouwmans
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No prior knowledge expected, some experience in computer programming is beneficial.
Course Contents
This course will provide the student with the basic insights into Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS)theory and its main modeling tool, Agent Based Modeling. Many different and seemingly contradictory properties of CAS, such as Adaptiveness and Robustness, Path dependency and Evolution, Chaos and Stability etc. will be discussed using socio-technical examples and Agent Based computer simulations
Study Goals
The main goal of the course is to understand Complex Adaptive Systems theory and its relation to the socio-technical systems around us. Secondary goal is for the student to learn about the the basics of Agent Based Modeling
Education Method
The course will start with an short series of lectures. Then, students are expected to prepare presentations based on provided literature and actively discuss the topics during class. Students are also expected to prepare and react to propositions/statements on the paper that is discussed.

The course will furthermore consist of computer exercises, using Agent Based Models in NetLogo. Focus will be on working with existing models, understanding them, their parameters and emergent properties and modifying them, observing the systems response.
Computer Use
The course will extensively use computer simulations. The necessary software will be provided.
Course Relations
This is the introductory course for Advanced course SPM9555
Reader will be provided in digital form.
Examination will consist of two parts. First part of the exam will take place with a Agent Based Model on a computer, with the student being asked to explain what the model is doing, and explain why the model is performing the way it does, and how could it be changed in order to achieve different behavior.

The second part consists of a traditional written examination of the theory presented during the course.
Permitted Materials during Tests
All TU Delft MSc students
Extra Skills Trained
Agent Based Modeling in NetLogo
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