Welcome to AI in Practice: Preparing for AI! Artificial Intelligence (AI) will determine our future prosperity and well-being, and it will have an impact on all business sectors, our private lives and society. But do you have the knowledge and confidence to support the integration of AI into your organization?

This course, AI in Practice: Preparing for AI, is the 1st course of the online education program AI in Practice. The course gives you a kaleidoscope of examples of applications of AI in various organizations, outlines the state of the art in modern AI research, and provides practical tools for integrating AI into your own organization. The program AI in Practice is built from two initial courses, AI in Practice: Preparing for AI and AI in Practice: Applying AI.

The AI in Practice: Preparing for AI course is designed for people who want to apply AI in their own practical situation.

  • For the experienced manager who wants to know what AI can do for her own organization.
  • For the data analyst or business consultant who wants to understand how AI can be applied in the business processes of the company for which they work.
  • For the student who wants to understand how the results of AI research can be translated into practical applications.

Learners that follow this course should have prior knowledge of business processes in their organizations, although technical knowledge or AI skills are not required. After taking this course learners should be able to:

  1. Describe the state-of-affairs  in current AI research, in terms of context, problems, research approach, results;
  2. Identify the implications of current AI research on improvement strategies for industry, academia, and education.
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