In 2022 TU Delft offered the first run of the course Blending your Education. This course is about how to design and develop blended education and teaching (a deliberate combination of online and offline learning activities). Based on what we’ve learned from COVID Teaching and in the EMBED project learners apply concepts to adapt to a more inclusive and engaging blended learning experience, through guidelines and pedagogies leading to mature and high-quality education.

The course has a modular structure and has been  designed in alignment with the needs of universities, strong educational concepts and relevant learning objectives.

The course will cover different themes in 7 modules with a range of videos and articles. Any module can be taken independently, although we advise you to follow the course sequence.

This course is designed for anyone involved in digital campus course and curriculum development and for leaders steering this process, encouraging or promoting blended learning. 

The course as presented here as OpenCourseWare contains all relevant theory and tools to enable you to blend your education. These resources are a derivative of the resources used when the course was offered as a CPD course for the Digitel Pro project. If you want to rebuild the course in your own institutions platform, you can download the open edx course package here, including course contents and rebuild guidelines.

By the end of the course you will be able to: 

  • Design, develop, and offer a blended course for campus students, incorporating best practices, experiences, and learning theories 
  • Redesign courses to be more inclusive and engaging based on what we learned from COVID experiences in teaching 
  • Implement blended learning solutions for your own situation using the EMBED model 
  • Evaluate your course and create a course improvement plan 
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