Are you ready to leave the sandbox and go for the real deal? Have you followed Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX() and Data Analysis: Visualization and Dashboard Design and are ready to carry out more robust data analysis?

In this project-based course you will engage in a real data analysis project that simulates the complexity and challenges of data analysts at work. Testing, data wrangling, Pivot Tables, sparklines? Now that you have mastered them you are ready to apply them all and carry out an independent data analysis.

For your project, you will pick one raw dataset out of several options, which you will turn into a dashboard. You will begin with a business question that is related to the dataset that you choose. The datasets will touch upon different business domains, such as revenue management, call-center management, investment, etc.

This course is part of the Data Analysis XSeries.

This course will allow you to practice the skills you’ve gained in previous Data Analysis XSeries courses and prove you can be an indispensable asset in data-driven organizations.

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