As an engineer in a leadership position, you will be faced with new responsibilities and tasks. These may include developing a business (unit) strategy and a business plan and being involved in strategic planning. Your success in dealing with these new responsibilities will largely depend on your ability to have a helicopter view of a situation and to make sound decisions. In order to make decsions to move your organization forward, leaders will need to ensure that business goals are achievable and well-balanced while also taking into account the uncertainty of future developments. In a complex business environment, a sound strategy is the result of applying a strategic mindset and systematic approach to decision making.

This course will help you in building and applying an analytical toolkit, including:

  • scenario analysis
  • stakeholder analysis
  • goal analysis
  • multi-criteria decision analysis

The focus of the course will be on utilizing your analytical skills in a business context, allowing you to unravel complex decision situations to formulate a sound business strategy.

  • How to analyze a business scenario and strategy using a systematic approach to successfully deal with complex decision situations
  • How to use an analytical approach in business and analyze stakeholders, goals, and multi-criteria for a business strategy
  • How to formulate a sound business strategy by applying a set of practical analytical techniques to support business planning and strategic decision making
  • How to employ an analytical mindset through writing a managerial summary of a business situation analysis that helps your organization move in the desired direction
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