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Dr. J. Popovic
Course Contents
This course is an introduction to power electronics. First the principles of power conversion with switching circuits are treated as well as main applications of power electronics. Next the basic circuits of power electronics are explained, including ac-dc converters (diode rectifiers), dc-dc converters (non-isolated and isolated) and dc-ac converters (inverters). Related issues such as pulse width modulation, methods of analysis, voltage distortion and power quality are treated in conjunction with the basic circuits. The main principles of operation of most commonly used power semiconductor switches are explained. Finally, the role of power electronics in sustainable energy future, including renewable energy systems and energy efficiency is discussed.

Study Goals
To get acquainted with applications of power electronics, to obtain insight in the principles of power electronics, to get an overview of power electronic circuits and be able to select appropriate circuits for specific applications and finally to be able to analyse the circuits. The focus in the course is mainly on analysis.
Education Method

Problem solving sessions
Literature and Study Materials
N. Mohan, T.M. Undeland, W.P. Robbins, ‘Power Electronics - Converters Applications and Design’, Wiley, 2nd or 3rd edition.
ISBN: 978-0-471-22693-2
Available at ETV at reduced price
Written exam (closed book)

Permitted Materials during Tests
It is allowed to use one single sided A4 sheet with formulas and figures from the text book ONLY(solutions from previous exams and other material not allowed)
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