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Responsible Instructor
Name E-mail A.J.C. van Gemund
Name E-mail A.B. Feldman
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x
Week 1,2,3: 2/0/0/0
Week 4: 2/0/0/0
Education Period
Exam Period
Exam by appointment
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Model-driven (software-intensive) system design and analysis is rapidly gaining importance. Course contents include: Context, dependability, fault diagnosis, model-based fault diagnosis versus software fault localization, modeling with Lydia, model-based reasoning, fault diagnosis algorithms, case studies.
Study Goals
To make the student familiar with the topic of modeling systems, how to design models of hardware and software systems, how to solve these models for purposes of fault diagnosis, and recovery, and how to interpret the results.
Education Method
First a number of lectures are given during the first few weeks, after which each student receives an practical study assignment. The assignment comprises practical work concluded by a written report.
Individual assignment and written report.
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