Welcome to this online course on Linear Algebra.

Linear Algebra is a branch of mathematics that plays a fundamental to role in many parts of Science and Engineering, such as Quantum Mechanics, Coding Theory, Signal Processing and Control Theory .

As Linear Algebra is a common component of many  university programmes in Science or Engineering, this course can be used as additional study or preparation for on campus courses on Linear Algebra. Please note that we cannot guarantee that this course can replace an on campus course.

The course has no preliminaries other than basic high school mathematics. Furthermore, the course is self contained; it can be studied without extra resources. Nevertheless,  for each topic you can find some references to standard literature that you can consult for further reading.

There are 8 chapters in this course, each divided into sections. In the sections, you can find the following activities:

–        Lectures. These consist of a sequence of videos that introduce and explain theory and examples. Some sequences contain small exercises for a quick concept check.

–        “Electronic” exercises. In these exercises you can train and test your understanding of the material treated in the videos. In OpenCourseWare these exercises are not electronic, you can submit the answers on a paper and in the last module you will find the right answers

–        Pen and Paper – exercises. In this course, it is important that you not only learn to do calculations, but also to write down an explanation or proof to show understanding. These skills are tested in the pen and paper exercises. We are planning to provide guidelines so you can check your answer yourself. We encourage you to also discuss and compare your solutions with those of your fellow students.

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