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Dr. E. Lourens
Prof.dr. A. Metrikine
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This course makes students familiar with the design of offshore wind farms in general and focusses on the foundation design in particular. The course is based on actual cases of real offshore wind farms that have been built recently or will be built in the near future.
Study Goals
The course gives a general overview to make the student familiar with the different components, equipment and parties involved. It focusses on general wind farm economics, environmental impact, permit acquisistion, layout, grid connection, installation methodology and support structure design for a specific wind turbine for a specific offshore location.
Education Method
Lectures plus exercise sessions
Presentation + assignment report + exam
Combining knowledge from the design of bottom founded structures and wind energy conversion systems, the course concentrates on the design of an offshore wind farm. Installation and maintenance logistics are discussed as well as the transportation of electric power to shore. Economics and environmental impact play deciding roles.
3mE Department Maritime & Transport Technology
Based on quality, pace, reporting of the assignment work, and knowledge of the subject matter.
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