Programming continues to be a an important skill in the modern world. Childhood is a great time start learning programming and to develop computational thinking creativity, and problem- solving skills!

This MOOC teaches programming in Scratch through fun videos which explains programming in an inspiring and clear way. These are accompanied with assignments which let kids to practice programming and create programs they will like to use themselves!

On a weekly basis, we will be creating a game: a maze, an aquarium, a Flappy Bird Game and a Super Mario look-a-like. Every week, new programming blocks are taught and together we’re working on ways to improve your written code.

This course is an English version of a course that was used in primary schools in The Netherlands with great success. The material follows the educational curriculum for programming in primary education of The Netherlands.

Do you want to participate with more children? Create a personal account for every child or pupil in order for them to work at their own pace. Once they have fulfilled the entire course and were upgraded to the ID Verified track, a Scratch diploma with their names will be handed out.

  • Programming in Scratch
  • Broad programming concepts (loops, variables, data structures)
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