It is always inspiring to see how the courses that are taught at the Delft University of Technology are applied in the real world. This page contains several short presentations in which it is demonstrated in what ways the theoretical knowledge is used in real life situations.

An efficient and robust infrastructure

Maaike Sreder treats (in Dutch) how an efficient infrastructure can be setup. She quickly covers the history of the Dutch road network and shows how traffic jams arise. She also explains what measures can be taken to reduce the amount of traffic jams using the region around Rotterdam and The Hague as an example.


The wind is blowing… Offshore…

In this short lecture Jan van der Tempel, the CEO and founder of Ampelmann, explains how wind energy is harvested off-shore. He shows several existing off-shore wind parks, and explains why off-shore energy will be a growing industry in the future. In the lecture also several different off-shore wind turbine foundation options are shown like the monopile and the tripod structure.

The wind is blowing...Offshore

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