Using social media to localise disasters, making friendly care-robots and recognising objects in images. In the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) degree programme at TU Delft, you will learn the theory and practice of developing software and processing data for the intelligent systems of today and the future.


The programme consists of a mixture of lectures, practical assignments, group projects and considerable self-study. Each quarter in the first year consists of three courses: a fundamental course, a more applied course and a more practical course, such as a project. You will learn how to analyse and design computer systems and their underlying algorithms. You will also study the subject of computability theory, addressing such questions as: what is computing, what can computers do and what can they not do, and how can you describe machines in a mathematical way? Artificial intelligence, computer graphics, data mining and image processing are also part of the programme. Furthermore, you will learn about the underlying principles of programming languages, data structures, software quality, how to model complex systems and how users interact with such systems. You will learn to solve problems systematically. In addition, you will regularly collaborate with other students on projects.


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