Dr. ir. Sandra Verhagen

Sandra Verhagen obtained her MSc and PhD in geodesy and is now an assistant professor at the department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing of Delft University of Technology. In 2007 she received a VENI grant from the Dutch Science Foundation. From 2007 to 2011 she was the president of Commission 4 “Positioning and Applications” of the International Association of Geodesy. In 2012 she was a visiting research fellow at the GNSS Research Centre of Curtin University, Perth in Australia. Currently, she is theme leader “Sensing from Space” of the Delft Space Institute.

Research themes


Research interests of Sandra Verhagen are in the domain of mathematical geodesy with a focus on carrier phase ambiguity resolution and quality control for real-time kinematic GNSS applications, including attitude determination and formation flying of aircraft ans spacecraft. Furthermore, she is working on the development of a risk-based survey policy for hydrographic surveying.

Educational activities


  • CIE4611 Geo-measurement processing
  • CIE4614 Land surveying and civil infrastructures
  • CIE4615 Geoscience and Remote Sensing fieldwork (also see our weblog)
  • CIE4522 GPS for Civil Engineering and Geoscience
  • Previously taught: Satellite Navigation, Probability and Statistics, Data Quality Control

Sandra is the graduation coordinator of the Master track Geoscience and Remote Sensing.


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