Arjo Loeve

Arjo Loeve is a tenured lecturer of the BioMechanical Engineering department, faculty Mechanical Engineering, Delft University of Technology and a coordinator of the Co van Ledden Hulsebosch Center for forensic science and medicine. He has been doing research on, lecturing about and coordinating graduation projects on clinical technology since 2006 and on engineering for forensics since 2008.

His PhD thesis was on rigidifiable shaft-guides for flexible endoscopes. While doing his PhD he simultaneously started investigating and improving the reliability of trace collection methods used on rape victims. This led him to combine the fields of biomechanical engineering and forensics into the Engineering for Forensics research line.

He has been working as expert investigator on various bacterial outbreak cases related to the design and use of medical devices, affecting world-wide changes in device design and hospital hygiene policies. He currently cooperates closely with national and international forensic institutes and the Dutch police to develop and improve forensic tools and methods.

He is one of the founders of the “TUDelft Forensics” community for Forensic Engineering and Engineering for Forensics.

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