Dr.ir. Bert Enserink

Unfortunately, Bert passed away peacefully on July 18 2022.

Bert Enserink was an associate professor in policy analysis. He has taught courses on multi-actor systems analysis and thesis preparation for both bachelor and master students. His main areas of expertise were in the field of action research, public participation and stakeholder management, quick scans, rapid appraisals, and scenario analysis. Main fields of application were in natural resources management, urbanization, coastal zone and river-basin management. From 2007 until the end of 2020 he was the director of education of the international and interdisciplinary master program on Engineering and Policy Analysis at TPM.

Key publications

  • Geenhuizen, M. van, Filippov, S., Enserink, B. (2015) Cost Reduction as Major Driver in Traditional Technology Business: Will Outsourcing Relations Come to an End? Journal of Enterprise Transformation 5:1, 30-51, DOI: 10.1080/19488289.2014.956954
  • Enserink, B. Kwakkel, J.H., Veenman, S. (2013) Coping with uncertainty in climate policy making: (Mis)understanding scenario studies. Futures 53 (2013) 1-12
  • Leon M. Hermans , Arienne C. Naber, Bert Enserink (2012) An approach to design long-term monitoring and evaluation frameworks in multi-actor systems—A case in water management.Evaluation and Program Planning Vol. 35 (2012) 427–438.
  • Miriam Cuppen, Bertien Broekhans and Bert Enserink (2012) Public participation in EIA and attitude formationImpact Assessment and Project Appraisal, Vol. 30, No. 2, June 2012, 63–74 DOI: 10.3152/146155112X13063263166115
  • Bert Enserink, Leon Hermans, Jan Kwakkel, Wil Thissen, Joop Koppenjan and Pieter Bots, 2010 Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems. Lemma. isbn 978.90.5931.538.9


  • TB211a Analyse van multi-actor systemen
  • EPA1123 Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems
  • EPA2933 Preparation Master Thesis


  • Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making in the EU and in China.
  • Project Online Learning
  • Nile Basin Governance Project
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