Barend Thijsse


PhD: Leiden University (1978), experimental molecular physics

Postdoc: NIST, Washington DC (1979), critical phenomena

Guest scientist: Los Alamos National Lab (1983, 85, 87), metallic glasses

Guest scientist: Deakin University, Australia (2010), molecular dynamics

Current Specializations

Selected issues in materials properties and evolution, studied by computational modeling: Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo. Physics, mechanics, chemistry, structure, kinetics, change. Problems taken from real-life applications. Adhesion, plasticity, oxidation, phase transformations, precipitation, extreme nonequilibrium, nanomechanics. Metals, semiconductors, oxides, polymers, ionic liquids, gas flows.

Other expertise

Thin film deposition, ion-solid processes, ion-defect interactions, multilayers, amorphization, metallic glasses, structural relaxation and crystallization, reverse Monte Carlo, X-ray and neutron diffraction, critical phenomena, transport in magnetic fields, materials research in art, mathematical and numerical methods.

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