Dr.ir. Karel Mulder

Key publications

  • Karel Mulder, Arne Kaijser, 2014, The dynamics of technological systems integration: Water management, electricity supply, railroads and industrialization at the Göta Älv, Technology in Society 39: 88-99
  • J Van Den Ende, K Mulder, M Knot, E Moors, P Vergragt, Traditional and modern technology assessment: toward a toolkit, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 58 (1), 5-21
  • Karel Mulder, Sustainable development for engineers: A handbook and resource guide, Greenleaf Publishing
  • Karel Mulder, Innovation for sustainable development: from environmental design to transition management, Sustainability Science 2 (2), 253-263
  • Sofie Pandis Iveroth · Anne-Lorène Vernay · Karel F. Mulder · Nils Brandt, 2013,  Implications of systems integration at the urban level: The case of Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, Journal of Cleaner Production 06/2013; 48:220–231.
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