Dr. Ir. Mostafa Abdalla

Mostafa Abdalla received his BSc and MSc from Cairo University. Afterwards he became a graduate student at Virginia Tech and obtained his PhD from the Delft University of Technology.

He was an expert on structural optimization with emphasis on the application of composite materials to aerospace vehicles.

Dr Mostafa Abdalla passed away on 22 July 2023 in Cairo. The impact that Mostafa had with his many brilliant ideas on the research area of composites can hardly be overestimated. Among many other scientific breakthroughs, he developed pioneering ideas in the area of optimisation of fibre steered laminates. These laminates are incredibly hard to design because of their massive design space, and the combination of fundamental numerical ingenuity and very applied manufacturing constraints. But Mostafa always found original solutions to the toughest challenges, solutions that are still being used by many composite and aircraft manufacturers around the globe.

As brilliant Mostafa was as a scientist, he was even more brilliant as a person. His inspiring personality enlightened many a colleague and friend. His wit, patience, humanity and consideration for other people are an example for all of us.

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