dr.ir. Menno Veldhorst

Menno Veldhorst is tenure-track team leader in the Fault-tolerant quantum computing roadmap and roadmap leader QuTech Academy at QuTech, Delft University of Technology. He received his PhD-degree cum laude in 2012 for his research on superconducting and topological hybrids at the University of Twente and was awarded the PhD Overijssel award.

Menno then moved to the University of New South Wales in Sydney to work on quantum computation using silicon quantum dots. Highlights were the demonstration of single- and two-qubit quantum logic with record coherence times for quantum dot qubits, recognised by PhysicsWorld as one of the top-ten breakthroughs in physics in 2015.

At QuTech, Veldhorst is working to realize extendable silicon qubit systems for large-scale quantum computation.

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