Dr. P. Bol

Dr. P. Bol gives an online course at the TU Delft called Public Hygiene and Epidemiology. The course is a framework of public hygiene and epidemiology; human pathology related to water and sanitation: infections, prevention and therapy: ‘social medicine’: health and society in the Netherlands and in developing countries; health and environment: environmental epidemiology and ecotoxicology, protective measures and legislation and rules.
Insight is given how the contribution of civil engineers to the present excellent state of health was and is enormous. Moreover, their options for improvement of health in developing countries are discussed. Water is central: the medical dangers connected with it, but also the benefits of good water supply and sanitation. Much attention is paid to water related infections like gastro-enteritis, malaria, bilharzia, legionellosis, etc. As well the basics of epidemiology, social medicine, vaccinations and travel and health are taught.

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