Peter de Moel

Peter de Moel (1954) has been working in the drinking water sector since 1979.
Within Kiwa Water Research (1979-1980), he published on water chemistry, on coagulation, and on dewatering of drinking water sludge.
Within DHV (1980-2000), he designed over 100 water treatment plants and water supply facilities, for all drinking water companies in the Netherlands and for organizations in over 20 countries, worldwide. His patents (membrane filtration) are applied in full scale installations.
In 2000 he joined his wife in her company on Information Technology.
He is a part-time lecturer in drinking water at TU Delft since 2001, focusing on the production of educational material and using ICT in education.
In 2007 he was the project manager of the TU Delft OpenCourseWare pilot project.
In 2011 he started the development of the course “Aquatic Chemistry for Engineers”, as an OpenCourseWare and LifeLongLearning project, next to being the coordinator online education activities at the department of Water management.


Introduction to Water treatment (edX)
DelftX (2013)

Aquatic Chemistry for Engineers
TU Delft OpenCourseWare (2012)

Recente publicaties

Assessment of calculation methods for calcium carbonate saturation in drinking water for DIN 38404-10 compliance
P.J. de Moel, A.W.C. van der Helm, M. van Rijn, J.C. van Dijk, and W.G.J. van der Meer / Drink. Water Eng. Sci., 6 (2013), 115-124

Waterchemie voor drinkwater modeleren met PHREEQC
P.J. de Moel, J.C. van Dijk, W.G.J. van der Meer / H2O, 45 (2012) 3, p.34-36

Micronized CaCO3: a feasible alternative to limestone filtration for conditioning and (re)mineralization of drinking water?  IWA-online
J.C.J. Gude, F. Schoonenberg W.J.C. van de Ven, P.J. de Moel, J.Q.J.C. Verberk, J.C. van Dijk / Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology Aqua, 60 (2011) 8, p. 469-477

Wordt ons drinkwater minder agressief?
J.C.J. Gude, F. Schoonenberg Kegel, J.C.van Dijk, P.J. de Moel / H2O, 44 (2011) 8, p. 33-36

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