Dr. Wolf Song


Y. Song (Wolf) received his PhD degree from Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, MSc degree and BEng degree from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, respectively. He joined Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology as a research fellow in 2001. Currently he is an assistant professor in Mechatronics Design, Department of Design Engineering of the faculty. His main research interests include the use of 3D/4D images and multidisciplinary mechatronics product design, with the address on healthcare applications:

  • Tangible and useable 3D/4D images:  image processing, reasoning, parametrization and manipulation (3D/4D scanning and Tomography)
  • Smart product design: Multidisciplinary mechatronics product design

Research Projects

  • A designer oriented portable and affordable 3D hand scanner (3TU, with Dr. Johan Molenbroek and Prof. Jo  Geraedts)
  • SUMMER: Software for the Use of Multi-Modality images in External Radiotherapy (EU Marie Curie Actions, with Dr. Adinda Freudenthal )
  • 4D ultrasound for improved image guidance in minimally invasive needle interventions: the interventional cockpit (STW, with Dr. Adinda Freudenthal )
  • STW valorization grant: Exo-L (STW, with Dr. Johan Molenbroek)
  • Epposi Pilot on homecare (Epposi think tank, with Dr. Adinda Freudenthal )
  • Cross Platform Geometric Modelling (NWO, with Dr. Joris Vergeest)
  • Measuring is Understanding (Agenschap, with Dr. Joris Vergeest)
  • 3D scanning for shape modelling (STW, with Dr. Joris Vergeest)

Education projects

  • Joined project: Developing an smart monitoring system for elderly homecare (with Prof. Richard Goossens and Prof. Jo  Geraedts, and Prof. Zhuanzhi Yan, Dr. Jiehui Jian, Shanghai University, and other colleagues, China)
  • Grassroot: Crowdfunded blended learning


  • Electronics for product designers (Master, 1st year)
  • Smart System & Technology (IPD master, 1st year)

Lecturer (Chair/Mentor) in other courses

  • People & Product (Bachelor, 1st year)
  • Product in Working (Bachelor, 1st year)
  • Product Dynamics ((Bachelor, 2nd year)
  • Advanced Prototyping (Bachelor Minor, 3rd year)
  • Master graduation projects (Master, 2nd year)

Education background

  • 2001 PhD The University of Hong Kong. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • 1996 MSc Shanghai Jiaotong University. Research Institute of Robotics
  • 1993 BEng Shanghai Jiaotong University. Department of Precise Instruments
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