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  • Lecture - Introduction to Complexity

    Lecture video OCW-iframe Wikipage of this lecture: LectureIntroductionToComplexity This Lecture will provide an introduction to the notion of complexity. The...
  • Lecture - Crystalline topological insulators

    Introduction Crystalline topological insulators are introduced by Liang Fu from MIT. The role of crystalline symmetries In the very beginning...
  • Teacher - I. Nikolic

    Igor is an Associate Professor at the Energy and Industry group, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management faculty, Delft University of Technology. In his research he specializes in applying complex adaptive systems theory, Agent Based Modeling, Universal Darwinism and evolutionary theory to model industry and infrastructure network evolution.

  • Teacher - D. van Halem

    Doris van Halem is a tenure track Assistant Professor within the Department of Water Management, in the Sanitary Engineering Section of Delft University of Technology.

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