Assignment: Communication Patterns

Course subject(s) Day 2: Communication Patterns

Redesigning course elements based on international competencies studentsā€™ should acquire in your course

(Engineering) students will often work in an International setting with International Colleagues and stakeholders. To be able to function as a professional your students will have to acquire certain international competencies that will allow them to grow into their professional role more quickly.

The purpose of this assignment is to redefine your course in terms of the requirements students have to meet when entering the global job market for your field.

Learning objectives

  • Being able to redesign your course to include an international dimension and
  • Being able to facilitate student acquisition of International Competencies.

The result of this assignment is to reframe your course to include an international dimension. Which competencies are relevant to my students, and how to teach them within the existing framework/learning objectives of my course? While discussing these issues working methods are re-deliberated from different angles.

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