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Cutter Suction Dredge

Give an overview of the anchoring system and methodology of a cutter suction dredge, including the spud system and the possibility of a X-Mas tree anchoring system.
Special topics: Moorings in rock, moorings in very shallow water, swell compensated mooring systems.


Floating Large Objects

There are ideas to develop very large floating objects, like floating airports. First give an overview of what you can find on internet on this subject and secondly make a design (method) of the mooring system of such an object.


Suppose you want to place an eco boat in the sea near Scheveningen, what should the mooring system look like.


Semisub, FPSO, Spar.

Choose an FPSO, Semisub or Spar and design and quantify themooring system.
In the assignments of last year the methodologies are already explored.

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