1.2 Zones, Networks and Model dimensions

Course subject(s) 1. Basic concepts

Pre-lecture activity

As you can see in the Transport for London document, their models use zones as a basic unit (see e.g. the LonLUTI-pages) and they use various types of networks (e.g. the LTS-pages). Furthermore a distinction is made in what are often called model dimensions, such as trip purposes, modes and time periods. All of these were defined before building the actual model. Question for you is, to think of criteria that might be used to define zones, to select the network to be included in the model, and to determine the model dimensions.

Main building blocks

Post Lecture activity

Read chapter 1 and section 3.5 of the book. After studying the lecture slides and these sections of the book, you should be able to answer the questions  in the post-lecture exercises of Basic Concepts. The answers can be downloaded from the same page.

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