1.3.4 Entanglement

Course subject(s) Module 1. The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers: How Will They Change the World?

It’s almost romantic to think that two particles can be entangled even when they are millions of kilometres apart. Learn more about quantum entanglement. How is it generated and what are the implications?

Main takeaways

  • Quantum entanglement is a special connection between two qubits.
  • When qubits are entangled, they can be moved arbitrarily far apart from each other and they will remain entangled.
  • When entangled qubits are measured, they will always yield zero or one perfectly at random, but they will always yield the same outcome.
  • Entanglement has two very special properties: entanglement is inherently private and allows maximal coordination.
  • Coordination can be interpreted as follows: Imagine some entangled state. Now it is actually possible to change the full state (global state) by only changing parameters  (=doing operations) in the setup of one qubit.
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