10. Car-following and stability by V.L. Knoop

Course subject(s) 09. Car-following

This lecture will discuss the three-phase traffic flow theory of Kerner and the phenomena capacity drop. The Wiedeman principle including action point modeling will be discussed. A short explanation on cellular automata models will be provided. The process of calibrating a car-following model is extensively discussed. This includes techniques on measuring the traffic flow and the implication of parameters. To conclude this lecture an exercise will be given.

After this lecture you should be able to comment on Wiedeman’s principle,  draw the  associated diagrams and explain what action point modeling is. You should also be able to comment on the calibration of parameters of car-following behavior, capacity, capacity drop and the queue discharge rate. When possible you should be able to relate parameters of car-following models to macroscopic quantities.
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Also read chapter 11 about longitudinal driving task models.

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