2.1.1 Introduction to Module 2: Working with Multiple Qubits

Course subject(s) Module 2: Working with Multiple Qubits

In the previous module, we studied single qubit systems and introduced both their mathematical and Bloch sphere representations, and their corresponding properties.

We are now ready to study systems with more than one qubit. This module starts with four lectures on the basics of multiqubit systems, led by David Elkouss. In particular, multiqubit states, gates, and measurements are introduced along with a very powerful quantum property, quantum entanglement. Next, Gustavo Amaral guides us through three multiqubit protocols that take advantage of quantum entanglement.

For this module the following topics will be necessary:

You can check the material linked above to refresh your memory or later on during the course if you feel that you need it.

We hope that you enjoy this deep dive into multiqubit systems!

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