2.1.2 Interview: Educating project managers

Course subject(s) 2. Organizing the team

Educating project managers: an interview

Please have a look at the interview with Mr. Hans Wierda. Hans is a seasoned project manager with a successful career in the oil and gas industry behind him. He has been responsible in the final stage of his career for the development and operation of a company-based project management academy. Not every company will have the resources to establish such an academy, but the message here is focused on the competences that successful project managers should acquire. How you gather these competences is very dependent on your circumstances. It can be done via company training. It can be done via education and training offered by the professional project management bodies, like IPMA or PMI or APM and many others. Or you can start following this MOOC ;-), but do remember we only provide you with the basics. There is more to be learned, not only via courses but mostly from experience, learning by doing and learning in practice from project managers like Hans.

Interview about educating project managers

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