2.2.1 The PD Lab

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Pieter Stoutjesdijk graduated from Delft University of Technology and is also the founder of The New Makers, where he has combined the principles of digital fabrication and circularity. In this interview with Tillmann Klein, Pieter will explain a research project: The PD Lab. This project aims at having a practical approach to pushing the boundaries of circularity.

The PD Lab


  • Bio-based materials can improve the environmental impact of a construction. Using materials based on agricultural waste is a more circular option because materials would otherwise be discarded.
  • Building connections that are completely demountable without damaging building blocks or components are important┬ábecause they allow easy, direct reuse.
  • To allow future reuse of components, the interface and connections have to be designed in such a way that they are compatible with future construction solutions. Otherwise they become obsolete and will be discarded.
  • Digital processes and data bases with information about building products, and how these can be reclaimed, assembled, or reused, are an important strategy towards the Circular Economy.
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