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Next, Tillmann Klein and Stingo Huurdeman , showing the recycling of aluminum components. Stingo is a project coordinator for Technology Innovation and Development at the VMRG. He will give us more insight into how the life span of components can be extended and how, at their end-of-service stage, materials can be kept in a closed loop by applying the last strategy in the Circular Economy framework: recycling.



  • The recycling of aluminum requires only 5% of the embodied energy used to produce the primаry material. This is why a careful collection of discarded aluminum products is important.
  • Applying material recycling is important, but extending the service life of façades and components is a more effective measure in the hierarchy of circular strategies.
  • To increase the chance for repair and the efficiency of product maintenance, research is conducted on digital product tracking and façade monitoring with drones.
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