2.3 Institutions & Values

Course subject(s) 2. Institutions and Values

Values are not only present in technology, but also in institutions. Therefore it makes sense to extend the scope beyond technology and include institutions as well.

In the next web lecture, Eefje Cuppen will:

  • Discuss the role of the institutional context in which a technology is being developed and implemented.This is important because values are not only embedded in a technology, but also in the institutional context in which that technology is developed. Institutions have values too, and this has an impact on the public debate.She will pay attention to the (often wrong) response of institutes to the ‘NIMBY’ effect (Not In My  Backyard). NIMBY is an argument where people oppose new technologies because they put their personal short-term interests (like a quiet living environment) – before the collective long-term interests (such as sustainable energy supply).
  • Briefly introduce the concept of Value Sensitive Design (VSD).
    Please do note that in the final lecture set we will discuss this approach in detail.
  • We conclude with a very interesting reading in the Readings section. Remember to have a look!

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