3.1.1 North South line

Course subject(s) 3. Opportunity framing

Stakeholder management

Framing an opportunity asks for the involvement of stakeholders. Why? Well, this video shows a scenario where stakeholders not really felt involved nor taken seriously (back in 2008)…

It is from an actual project; the construction of the “Nort-South Line” in Amsterdam. The project is creating an extension of the underground metro system of the city connecting the parts of Amsterdam north of the river IJ¬†with the city center south of the city. The complete metro line has a length of about 7 km and includes 4 underground stations and the connection of the new line with the existing east-west lines. Early in the project there were extensive issues with ground settling, causing damage to historic houses along the route. In the video, particularly have a look at the stakeholders’ opinions…!

Video: North-South Line

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