3.7.1 The performance of the Decision Maker

Course subject(s) Module 3. Performance-based weights and the Decision Maker

You have now learned how to combine experts’ assessments and to obtain the solution of this aggregation in the same format as the experts’ assessments. That is

experts’ quantiles –> experts’ distribution –> combined experts’ distribution (DM’s distribution) –> DM’s quantiles

You used this to find answers (estimates along with uncertainty quantification) for the questions of interest.

But this procedure can be applied not only to the questions of interest, but also to the calibration questions!!

If so, the DM’s assessments (quantiles) could be subjected to the same objective evaluation as any expert’s assessments. And we could then compute the calibration score and the information score of the DM!!

This is made more explicit in the next video!

Evaluating the performance of a DM: calibration and information score

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