4.3.1 Issues of Scale

Course subject(s) 4. Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping

In this video Prof. Jill Slinger will introduce the issue of scale in designing and implementing Building with Nature innovations.  The video was produced for use in a standard teaching course within Delft University of Technology, and she therefore addresses the viewer as “an engineer”. For the course Beyond Engineering: Building with Nature 2x, the term engineer can be understood to be all of you – course participants interested in nature-based engineering and planning.

In the video, she uses an example from Dutch coastal policy and management to illustrate how the disciplinary background and tasks of actors can influence their scale preferences, and explains the Analytical Scale Hierarchy for Sandy Coasts.

You can cite the video as:

(Adapted from) Slinger, J.H. (Jill); Vreugdenhil, H.S.I. (Heleen) (2015) Building with nature video #12 – Issues of Scale in Building with Nature @ TU Delft 2015. TU Delft. Dataset. http://dx.doi.org/10.4121/uuid:6209da77-4774-46fc-83a5-9fbe11fba1b6

Issues of Scale

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