4.3.1 Lecture 3: Privacy and Cyber Security

Course subject(s) Module 4. Social Aspects

In this lecture we will take a different approach to the social aspects of electric vehicles and we will have a look at concerns about privacy and cybersecurity. Electric vehicles are becoming more connected and their possible connection to the electricity grid will mean a large increase in the data that is transferred. This data is often personal, such as the time when you arrive at home and leave. Securing this data to protect your privacy is therefore vital. What policy measures can be taken and which trade-offs are to be made in this field? Watch this lecture by prof. Margot Weijnen to find out.

Learning goals for this lecture are:

      1. Understand the type of data that is shared in a demand response scheme
      2. Learn how to safely establish protocols
      3. Understand the trade-off citizens have to make when supplying privacy sensitive data
      4. List the important factors in transparent data management

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