4.4.2. Designing with values

Course subject(s) 4. In troubled waters: What challenges are water systems facing?

If we dig deeper into the dualities, we can start to find out the underlying reasons that people have for holding or developing a particular perspective on an issue. At the core of these reasons are often values. Our values motivate us to think and act in certain ways. Many people share similar values, for example, sustainability, equity, and privacy. Understanding people’s values can be a first step towards developing a discussion of shared goals and themes and resolving conflicts and challenges.

The video below underlines the importance of revealing and understanding the shared and conflicting values held by stakeholders in relation to urban development projects. By working with stakeholders’ values and attending to their needs, more inclusive projects can be developed.

Copyright of Designing with values in complex projects is owned by IDE TU Delft. The video is used in this course with permission.

Project team: Marina Bos-de Vos, Tom Daamen & Hedwig van der Linden (all TU Delft); animation by Moniek van Adrichem – Studio Synopsis. Funded by: Delft Design for Values Institute & Stichting Kennis Gebiedontwikkeling (SKG).

Designing with values in complex projects

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