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Richard Ashley

Richard Ashley is a chartered civil and environmental engineer. He was co-director of the EPSRC funded platform centre the Pennine Water Group, research advisor to Swedish research funding agency FORMAS and visiting professor in Sanitary Engineering at the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands. He has many years of experience in all aspects of urban water systems, including modelling, monitoring, management, operation and use.

His main research interests are sewer systems (he is a member and former chairman of the Sewer Systems and Processes Research Group of IWA/IAHR and elected member of the Joint Committee on Urban Drainage), sustainable water systems (he is the main author of an IWA publication on the inclusion of sustainability in decision making for water assets and currently involved in projects on water cycle management for new developments), flooding (he completed a UK Government Foresight project on flooding and coastal defence and is chairman of a water and flood review inquiry for Bradford Metropolitan District Council) and climate change (he is currently leading a UKCIP project on adaptable urban drainage addressing change in intensity, occurrence and uncertainty of stormwater).

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