5.2.1 Linear equations

Course subject(s) Module 5: Various applications of the quantum computers

Already in high school we learn about simple linear equations with two axes, two variables, a nice line passing through some points. But did you know that many of the scientific and engineering problems which affect our daily lives can be addressed by solving linear equations?

Solving these linear equations can be very complex when the number of variables is large, as it is for industrial-scale problems. In this video, Menno will introduce linear systems, as well as a quantum algorithm which has the potential to solve them much faster than their classical counterparts.

Main takeaways

  • Linear equations are applied virtually everywhere in our daily life.
  • Linear equations are very useful because many complicated problems can be well approximated by systems of linear equations.
  • A quantum computer, when making use of the HHL algorithm, can solve linear systems more efficiently, and much faster than classical computers.
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