5.4 Groundwater

Course week(s) Week 5
Course subject(s) Water in the World

Welcome to the fourth lecture of the module Water in the world. In the video below you will learn about Groundwater from Nick van Giesen. Also reading material is provided.


Below an article is provided as reading material on  Identifying seepage in ditches and canals in polders in the Netherlands by distributed temperature sensing.

The paperclip video will help you to better understand this article.

Identifying Seepage in Ditches and Canals in Polders in the Netherlands by distributed Temperature Sensing

Seepage in ditches and canals, a common feature in polders in The Netherlands, is investigated making use of temperature sensing by fiber optic cable. By its high spatial and temporal resolution capabilities the technique reveals the complex ensemble of all effects that define the water temperature on the bottom of the watercourses in three polders where a 1300 m long cable was located. From the temperature signature the location of suspected seepage through temperature is time dependent as the signature can temporarily fade and can be extremely localized. This shows the potential for the applied technique.

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