05. Moving bottleneck and queuing by S.P. Hoogendoorn

Course subject(s) 05. Moving bottleneck and queuing

In this lecture two topics are covered, moving bottlenecks and queuing models. After a short introduction on what moving bottlenecks are, two examples are given. In the first example a moving bottleneck without passing opportunities is elaborated. This can for instance be a slow tractor on a one lane road. The second example shows a moving bottleneck with a passing opportunities, so for instance a tractor on a two lane road. Both examples are not on the slides but explained on the blackboard (see collegerama).

The topic ‘cumulative curves’, already covered in lecture 2, is shortly touched upon in this lecture. Lastly queuing models are introduced. An example of an application of queuing model that is recently preformed by the company Transpute is presented to clarify how queuing models are used in practice.
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Also read paragraph 8.5 about moving bottlenecks, paragraph 2.6 about cumulative curves and chapter 7 about queuing analysis in the reader..

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