7.2.2 Expansion of Tema Port by Meridian Port Services

Course subject(s) 7. Towards Coalition Building

The expansion of the Port of Tema is undertaken by Meridian Port Services Limited (MPS).

MPS is a joint venture between Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority and Meridian Port Holdings Limited, which is itself a joint venture with international companies Bolloré Transport and Logistics and APM Terminals. MPS was incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in December 2002.

MPS seeks to provide world-class container terminal services to contribute to Ghana’s trade, provide connectivity to new markets and so to increase the throughput volume of Tema Port.

A link to a video by MPS on the expansion of Tema Port is provided below. The focus lies on the port as a trade and transport node, with attention for the construction of the port infrastructure, and some attention for the sourcing of local content and the employment of Ghanaians.

You can move to the next section for information on the wider coastal content and Building with Nature opportunities.

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